Methotrexate Metaphors

3 02 2012

I’m trying to think of positive metaphors for methotrexate…things that might help me think positive thoughts about this treatment to get me through it.

My methrotexate is….

my comadre, who shows up unexpected on a Sunday afternoon to take my daughter to the museum while I put up her swing.

my overly anxious dog, rescued from the streets, who barks at the slightest thing to warn us about the skunk in the backyard.

my exhausted husband, who wakes up, does the dishes, does the laundry, feeds everyone, then heads out to work.

my officemates, who do all of the little extra things for me, from researching the newest liver cleanse to building a platform for a performance.  They are amazing.

My stressed out mother, who despite being on high alert, keeps a poker face, who asks not “is there anything I can do?,” but instead “What can I do?”

My daughter, who magically knows how to give me a hug, when to say that she will love me forever.

My methotrexate is my ally who will calm my immune system, rock it to sleep, set it right.

It is my translator.  It finds the ways to talk with my t-cells, negotiating with them to slow. down.

My methotrexate will allow me to pay back all of the blessings that I receive every day.



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